“The Equation is a Cross-Cultural Odyssey, an asset that will inspire in people the science of accomplishment”

– Larry King 

Book Name: The Equation

Subtitle: Yes After Yesterday

Categories: Mystery, Adventure, Personal Transformation, Inspirational.

Story Essence:

The Equation Book tells a true, cross-cultural saga that spans over 58 Years and explores exciting adventures on 4 continents.

The Story of a young lad named Omer, born to a wealthy family and shackled on an island of colliding hierarchies.

The youth leaves his home, and meets great dangers and tragedies as he seeks to discover Time’s Silent Secret.

At the turn of the Millennium, the mission was to track historic clues and discover an Equation that was lost through the times … hidden in the margins. An Equation that whoever finds it will be Transformed. And with its 4 Rings of Power … design destiny.

A Revolution is inspired! Time Stops!

Will the lad transform or bite from the forbidden power and be carried to the brink of Death?

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First Chapter:


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This edition first published in 2012.

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Over 13 billion years ago …when the universe sparked to life …
the spiritual Big Bang accelerated fluctuations of light that swept the void of space with galaxies and dark energy.
Within this creation, a promise was made. In its heart lies the greatest light. The watchmaker watched the creation, as the universe was endowed with the freedom to move on its own.

One infinite garden, yet many trees of life. One humanity, yet many stories.
This book is a small story from the inner light: a story that shall explore the Physical World and the Spiritual World. The body of the story shall
embark upon exotic adventures across the lands of Planet Earth:
from the continent of Asia to the continent of Europe, and from the ancient civilizations of the Middle East to the continent of America.
The mind of the story will travel from a little roof to the vastness of the stars, from the fires of the valleys to spiritual summits, from War to Peace, and from the sorrows of a heart to the pursuit of a dream.

There is a treasure. Yes! There is a treasure. A treasure that had been lost for millennia, hidden in the margins of History. A force beyond Time and Space – the source of all innovations. The myth tells that whoever discovers this treasure shall be bestowed 4 Rings of Power: The Fountain of Youth – Water, Designing Destinies –Wind, The Moment – Earth, and Cosmic Energy – Fire. So let us lit the torch of the future and sail towards the unseen!



The Harmony of Heaven

An exchange of energy always occurs among all living things. Within this circle, within this network of energy … a small family once lived. But in order for the family to be here today, past generations decided to design the sands of time.

With no fuel or oil, every day, 7 days a week, Planet Earth orbits the sun. Every dawn, when the morning star shines high above, a new hope is born. A long time ago, in a far away holy land, on one of these mornings, an old man named Mati decided to transform his lemon into lemonade.
The old man and his wife had lost all their children. And the doctors declared that the wife was now barren, unable to continue their lineage. Living in the palace of poverty, their tent couldn’t cover their heads against the rain. But no ceiling could defer their dreams.
Mati, a tall skinny man with wise, white hair, decided to believe … to free his mind and take a leap of faith.

That winter, for 3 days and nights, he traveled to a sacred site. Though dangers lurked in every corner – cloaked strangers, hunger, and fatigue tested the old man along the way – he reached the grave of a great king.

The old man fell to his knees. He closed his eyes and let his lips spill the wishes of his heart, like a spiritual seeker chanting a prayer…

Creator of the universe…
Bestow upon me your compassion…
For I have lost all my children and my pockets are empty
though I iron sick peoples’ clothes.
Dust I am I do know, but my heart is wide open.
Gift me one son … bless his future generations
and I shall name him after The King I kneel before today.

A tear fell from the old man’s eye. Mati walked out the gates of the holy city. As he stood alone on the ancient brick floors, suddenly a bill of currency was delivered by a gentle breeze. The old man grasped the proceeds. He looked to the stars and whispered, “We thank you.”

11 months later, which is one drop in the universe’s clock, Mati’s wife gave birth to a son: David.

Growing up to become a young lad with straight black hair, a constant smile, and a jovial voice that perpetually beamed optimism, David would journey all across the holy land. Lying in the grass under the kisses of the sun, David kindled exotic dreams that would shatter when he saw the social divides tearing the terrain.
David was a young Casanova. Battles with barons of wealth who offered him no opportunities because of his dark skin, the lavish lives of elite Marie Antoinettes… all did nothing to diminish David’s delight in everything he saw.

David believed in liberty and the self-reliance bestowed upon man. The poetic lad was somewhere between a military general with his feet on the ground and a pilot with his head in the clouds.

David believed in liberty and the self-reliance bestowed upon man. The poetic lad was somewhere between a military general with his feet on the ground and a pilot with his head in the clouds.

David dreamed that one day, through passion and perspiration, his future family would be able to sit in the seats of status, a place which he presently could not be.

After exploring Europe – experiencing the English Channel, the peaceful fields of Switzerland, the aroma of the Italian coffee, and the seas of Sweden – at the age of 24, the young man decided to take destiny into his own hands; he launched … a street cleaning enterprise.

Climbing the mountain towards accomplishment, he always remembered to descend and lift others up. Driving during the summer’s heat, David would get out of the truck to give a hand to the white bearded men lifting trash from the street.

Every person, today or in the past, has kept little trophies that inspire the mind to nostalgically recall the days when one was forever young.

David’s trophy, his Casanova-like badge, was a little black book with the numbers of over 1,200 women. And by the age of 29, his manly friends vehemently verified this legend.

There is a myth.
Thousands of years ago, in Egypt … the Pharaoh suspected that a little boy, delivered by the waters to his empire, would one day become a danger. So the mighty Pharaoh put the boy to the test. He assembled the entire royal household and arranged them in a circle. The boy was placed in the center with a stack of gold and burning stones. The Pharaoh declared: “If the boy shall touch the gold, I shall smite him for he is of a dark danger. Alas! Here I say unto you, if the boy shall decide to touch the stones, he shall transform into … the Prince of Egypt.”
The crowd stood frozen as the Egyptian king cast critical eyes at the alienated boy, who began to crawl ahead. The gold shone against the boy’s eyes, alluring his delicate finger to touch its sparkling solemn light. When the Pharaoh unsheathed his sword and held it up, prepared to strike, suddenly an invisible angel passed by and touched the hand of the boy. The tragedy left the boy scarred … only to transform him into The Prince and later free the slaves, who were like gold for the Egyptian king.

One morning … David decided to take the same habitual route to work. His enterprise was self-enriching due to David’s self-reliance. As David was about to turn the wheel towards the way he knew, without warning, yet exactly on time, an angel passed by and jarred the wheel to a new path.

As the dust of the earth rolled in the air, David’s star shone on the horizon; a lady in pure white strolled by. And instead of collecting a new number in the black book, he decided to lay it to rest.

David’s charisma and panache were awakened. The lady remained reserved. And David said, “I would be honored if you would join me at a gala I am conducting on Friday.”

A few days elapsed. Then a call. “Hello?” David answered. “Hi David, this is Miriam. I would like to accompany you this Friday. But I can’t stay late. My curfew is 11 PM. Where do you live?”

The young couple marveled at the currents of destiny when they discovered that only 4 streets separated them. David picked Miriam up, and love was soaring with the birds.

Wishes Come True

After passing the test of time, during one bright night, David decided to hold Miriam’s hand and ride with her to an apartment in an upper-class city. On the way, David disclosed to his Cleopatra that he would appreciate her advice on an apartment he was contemplating purchasing.
When the doorknob turned, the young lady’s heart fell silent. Consumed by his excitement, David hurried to the kitchen. “Miriam you have to see this…” Scouting around, David discovered that his loved one was gone.

The white silk drape was waving in the wind, revealing the little lady standing on the terrace, viewing the stars of the night.

David cautiously walked to her kingdom and whispered: “Are you all right my love?”

As an orphan girl who once dared to dream for a teddy bear, Miriam replied, “I can’t believe I am in this place, David. I had no home when I was growing up. My dorm was tiny with old cement floors and small windows overlooking the cows I had to milk every dawn. I wished for a little home of my own. And now… 23 years later, you bring me here. I ask myself if it’s a dream or reality?”

A tender wind began to blow as David kneeled under the stars and said, “My darling! This home is yours. I acquired it for you.”

Tears of joy rained from the homeless girl’s eyes. David asked, “ My love … will you marry me?” And a celestial kiss sealed their union.

A year later… the freshly married lady felt her first labor pains and gave birth to her son: Omer. That was my name … that was my name …

The Victor Versus the Victory

One class, an Irish boy gave me a piercing look with his cold blue eyes.
He was only 15, but his receding hairline, shaped his scalp like a spear.
His white face had a pinkish hue, and his beard grew like a Viking forest.
Subconsciously, we recognized a connection … our eyes blazed with
After the class drew to a close, the students were walking down the
grand hall. Leaning against the wall in his long black coat, he called:
“Hey you!” I turned, and the Irish lad hissed loudly, “Over here … ”
After looking around warily, I approached him, and he said, “Come…
take a walk with me.”
The boy’s name was John. He started a chat that would last 6 hours …
“Cricket, rugby, driving on the left … all is boring. What do you say we
try a new game? Something more … competitive, shall I say.”
Over an ice-cold drink, he proposed a simple game: 2 bands of youths
will battle one another with wooden clubs and blunt broom sticks.
I looked around at the splendid diversity of races and colors of the
students. I then said to John: “Let’s enlighten the game a little.”
After scanning the schoolyard, pointing out spots, predicting pitfalls
and scribbling on piles of papers … we set the game.

The Game’s Name: Earth’s Civil War
The Goal: Winning the 5 major continents on Earth
The Armies: John’s Team shall lead the North. Omer’s Team shall lead the South
Number of Matches: 5 battles for 5 continents

A game where John would assemble the Northern students:
Irish, British, Swedish, Canadian, German, Scottish, Finnish …
And a dark-skinned lad would assemble the Southern students: Italian, Spanish, African, Portuguese, and South Americans.
It was an idealistic war. A war between the British maritime fleet and the desert warriors of the Sahara. A war between the glory of the Austrian orchestra and the solo Spanish guitar. A war … between North and South.
I stood up and said to the Titans, “I can see the fear in your eyes, the
same fear that lies in every living thing. One day the age of bravery might stand on the brink of destruction, and Hades might toast to our bones.
But that is not this day. Today we stand up and conquer our minds!”
One by one the titans stood up and exclaimed, “For Victory!”
As the sun began to rise, the chants and the light of the torches started to materialize out of the mist. John later told me that one of his aides said: “They come from Hell …”

“What have I done?” The guilt ate at my heart as I didn’t attend the funeral.
My mother’s orphaned sister, my loving aunt, had died.
All her dreams vanished unfulfilled.
This tragedy triggered a subconscious transformation in me. I realized
that the greatest disease, since the sun first shone upon the Earth, has been the failures of human beings to be whole – to reach their stars – to fulfill their dreams.

A series of urgent questions started to surface …

Why can’t every human grasp success?
Why can’t one have the powers of da Vinci, Newton, Beethoven, and Copernicus?
What inspired the greatest minds to innovate history?

Then, a profound wonder arose within me… “How can it be that thousands of years have gone by, yet there is no Equation that endows transformation and the power to design destiny?” I began to understand that this Equation is a millennia-old treasure hidden in the margins of history. Bravery Might stand on the Brink The Lights of the torches started to materialized.

Sneak Peak: The Sun Eclipsed

I transformed … but on that day, a decision sparked the dark powers of The Equation.
I waged a war upon the light and declared that I would conquer my mind by any means necessary.

I would break all the mental barriers of the mind and reach my star … not because of my color, not because of my class, not because of luck, not because of talent, not because of experience, not because of knowledge, not because of IQ … but because of the abilities I would infuse into my character, like the blood that runs effortlessly through the veins.

The drive for triumph spread like a wildfire. I stood up … and picked up a plan.

The Codes in Numbers

The journey to discover The Equation was in the middle of its 6th month.
Though the trials of the mind had worn me out, the compass’s needle
started to point to the end of the dark tunnel, leading to the light.

The Last Moment

The mental states, the actions of a human being in the face of a crisis …
those little moments of Death, purely reveal the character.
Life repeats itself. Years pass by, and one blindly believes
that the face of a friend is known.
Fun, charm, knowledge, and experience camouflage the subtext.
Yet tragedies do what time won’t.

There Is No Time

The watch on the wrist is an illusion. The dimension of time
exists for the mind, which chases what doesn’t matter – the bystander.
Time causes the mind to be in a prison of patterns.
True game-changers, the architects of the future …
Never follow time.
… Time follows them …

    For over two decades Movie Stars and World Icons came to me asking about The Equation of Beauty. The origin of beauty is one thing … the origin of Everything, is something Else. Go Get The Equation Book.


    – Dr. Harold Lancer

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    Today people wish for a true beacon of inspiration and triumph in these unsetting times. Equation Fans from every culture experience an adrenalin rush while reading this vital tale, for NOW they share their DREAMS in a way that makes them feel ALIVE.

    We fiercely believe in a game changing Innovation and want people worldwide not just to experience excitement, but also get inspired for life.i) The Equation REVEALS the science of Accomplishment.

    ii) The Equation is not a bullet-point guiding book or a retold story. It is a recent discovery presented through a true story.

    iii) Some books do have great stories, but the amount of practical applications is limited. The Equation has a cross-cultural story where people gain their goals via a rich array of game-changing topics ranging from Family Life, History, Mystical Science and Philosophy … to The Universe, Human Evolution, and Personal Accomplishment.

    iv) Though The Equation explores many bigger than life subjects, the book is short; painting magical landscapes, youthful heroes, battles, victories and The Stars.

    v) The story has thrilling elements: Transformation, Heroism, Mystical Codes, The Philosopher’s Stone, Destiny, Treasure, Adventure, and The Wish for Love.

    vi) The Equation satisfies the unfulfilled wish of people to travel the world – as the book ventures to many exotic locations.

    Equation Rare Facts – Behind the Scenes Look

    ** The Equation Book was entirely handwritten before it went to typing.

    ** Innovations, such as DNA, Descartes New Science, and the sewing machine, were revealed to their creators via a dream. The Equation was revealed to the Author six months after his aunt passed away.

    ** JT saw the Equation in a dream at age 16. Then from 9/22/10 – 12/25/10 he handwrote the entire book.