Founding Story

At the age of 22, with the complete cooperation of the legendary broadcaster Larry King, James Tarantin had founded TarantinDream. Our company was formed in California, but our mission is global. Our entrepreneurs are American Citizens, but we are Citizens of the World. Since its inception, Tarantin took the initiative to create global contents which include works of arts, literature, animation, games and networks, that will bring the cultures of the world together. Cross-Cultural creations that will be reborn again and again, sparking the imagination of each generation. Forever self-inspiring, we empower each other to the limit, believing that great is only a starting point, not an endpoint. The craftsmanship of each product is comprehensively created in house, and our passion is to bring these contents to unexplored places so people will access the ever-expanding desire for information and inspiration. Due to the great turmoil all over the world, people from the Big Apple to Paris and from Brazil to Berlin, simply desire true inspiration. With a proactive commitment to quality of life, and the openness of the worldwide web and the mobile, our actions put emphasis on accomplishments and take pride in individuals whom turbo-charge our collective success.

A More Perfect Achievement

Principle 1 Honor and care for the elders. Do not cast them aside when their hair turns grey. Be their social insurance covenant, for they are not a remnant of the past, but rather orphaned children who have built the pillars on which we stand today. Principle 2 Motherhood and childhood are the cornerstones of compassionate care. Not for nothing, they are the force that holds the world as does Mother Nature. Principle 3 Respect those who migrate, for as proven by ancient history, they are bearers of our collective human evolution. Principle 4 Every child shall be granted free education. Furthermore, for the establishment of the rights to self-discovery, an innovative nature, and the pursuit of well-being, the child shall be entitled to liberating spiritual studies that engrave the good. Principle 5 No one nation, no matter how powerful, can cure all dangers. Hence, it is crucial to share sacrifice, information, and democratic duties, and to promote a partnership of progress. What defines us are neither our national borders nor our cultural identities, but rather our shared destiny. Principle 6 Never address the vision as a label, for it shall not last. A timeless vision is a mystical symbol. Fight not for a coin; fight for the heart.


Behind the Scenes

The Beacon consists of 11 volumes written in binary codes which depict the company’s content craftsmanship. The 11 volumes are locked in a vault and have an entire interpretation legend, so that if lost, its pages couldn’t be deciphered.

It’s not our abilities that define us … but the choices that we make.

– James Tarantin