If there is anyone out there… who still doubts that our stories are singular and our success is shared… these visionaries are your answer

lucas yanceyLucas Yancey

Originally from Woodside California, Lucas went to UC Berkeley and majored in Legal studies with a focus in Business. While he was there he played varsity rugby and won 4 National Championships. As a head of Business Development of TarantinDream Games, he invested Angel Capital, as he works to expand the enterprise throughout the world. Lucas represents for us the essence of a wise saying; “It is easy to see the obvious, but worlds harder to detect the future under the surface.”   Michael Sheehan Michael is a recent graduate from the award winning University of Southern California Games program. While pursuing his Computer Science (Games) degree, he held several internships, including working at a start up on a small iPhone game and at an international social mobile game company on a top-grossing franchise. One of the projects he’s most proud of is an iPad game developed with a student team over two semesters that won one of the university’s media achievement awards. Inspired by the vision and passion driving TarantinDream forward, he wants to create games that are both successful and contribute to the company’s portfolio.

Sevan Apollo Poetry
Sevan Poetry

Sevan Poetry, is of Armenian descent, born in Jerusalem, and raised in New Jersey. Sevan has found success working in the music and film industry in his early 20’s, which later evolved into a career in business, marketing, and branding. Sevan was the Vice President of an Arizona non-profit, the VP of Marketing for Dizzler.com (taking the website from 5,000 to 2.5 million members by facilitating their partnership with online giant, Tagged.com), and most recently, the CMO for TarantinDream. He has appeared on MTV, ABC, Fox News, Vibe Magazine, The Billboard Awards, NPR, & PBS as a spokesperson and talent. Sevan is also the recipient of The Presidential Point of Light Award (established by George W. Bush). His ability to connect with different cultures, age groups and demographics, combined with his deep understanding of international communities, gives him a global perspective which benefits the company’s mission.

Rhoel ValdezRhoel Valdez

I was born and raised in Ohio and attended John Carroll University as a Political Science major. After some heavy soul searching, I decided to forego my last semester and move to Los Angeles to pursue a lifelong dream of creating art for a living. I put together a portfolio and shortly after, was accepted to Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design. After going through the first 6 semesters, I decided to pursue my childhood goal of drawing comics. So I left ArtCenter to start a working studio with fellow. Not long after, I was able to draw for companies like Top Cow Studio, Playstation Magazine, and Image comics. Comics led to plenty of opportunities in other areas of art. Soon, I branched out to work as a character designer for Platinum Studios, as an illustrator and a storyboard artist for Vis Dev for Warner Bros. After being inspired by some of the great digital painters and concept designers, I decided to go back and finish my ArtCenter degree. I graduated December of 2006 and began work at Disney Interactive Studio in January to start my career as a concept designer. And then I joined TarantinDream, as I discovered that almost no company in the world has such a rare vision. The works of art that are crafted at TarantinDream belong to the masterpieces’ hall of fame.